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Zoe Stillness
Recent Entries 
20th-Oct-2007 12:44 am - Challenge 5 Voting
btvs | cordy default

Thank you so much for your beautiful entries :) Glad we could make it without another extension.

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19th-Oct-2007 06:02 pm - Final Reminder
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You still have hours to get your entries in (won't post before midnight) - and we're in need of some more. Right now there aren't enough for a voting post and I really don't wanna do another extension if I can prevent it...*starts begging*
19th-Oct-2007 04:20 am(no subject)
btvs | cordy default
The current challenge desperately needs more entries - it ends this Friday evening, I'll probably be late with posting anyway, so you have some more time to get some pretty entries in :)

17th-Oct-2007 09:14 pm(no subject)
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We are in need of more entries! The challenge ends Friday evening, so you still have some time to get your shinies in. Pretty please? *makes puppy eyes*
15th-Oct-2007 02:47 pm - A Quick Reminder
btvs | cordy default

You have until Friday evening to get some icons in :) Any Zoe picture or Gina Torres as herself is allowed, you don't have to use the given caps!
12th-Oct-2007 10:48 pm(no subject)
btvs | cordy default

I'm going to extend the current challenge for a week - we don't have enough icons, which is my fault, because I didn't post a reminder and beside this real life is really really busy right now.

Thanks so much for the entries we have so far, they are gorgeous, and I'm happy and grateful about them. Sorry again for the inconvenience.
1st-Oct-2007 12:58 pm - Challenge #5: Free Choice
btvs | cordy default
This week you can pretty much do what you want as long as it is Zoe/Gina:

&bull make up to 2 icons
&bull you can use the screencaps provided or find your own - any Firefly/Serenity image that contains Zoe (other characters can be in the icon too) or of Gina Torres as herself is allowed
&bull blending is allowed, so are all other techniques, brushes, effects and textures, with the exception of animation of course.
&bull don't post or use your icons anywhere else before the results are up, please
&bull entries are due to Friday, October, 12 (evening)
&bull have fun :)

some caps, but you can use your own ones tooCollapse )

Current entries: 0
1st-Oct-2007 12:51 pm - Challenge #4 : results
btvs | cordy default
Thank you for voting :)

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New challenge will be up soon.
28th-Sep-2007 11:24 pm - Voting Challenge #4: Black&White
btvs | cordy default

Thanks so much to our participants :)

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